Frank McDaniel



(Guitars and vocals )

Born and raised in southern Maine 

Frank "Rizzo" McDaniel 

plays both Bass and Guitar.

In the early 90's, Frank moved to southern California ,and played in various cover bands and original bands in the LA area.

But by 1997 he moved back to Maine

to join an original project on bass guitar named Davids playground (Halogen)

co writing and recording the album "miles to go"

In 2002, Frank moved back to LA and tried again to get noticed but finally found his calling was in Orlando, Florida were he moved in 2005 after landing a gig with legendary guitarist Pat Travers.

Frank played bass and toured with Pat in 14 countries and in 2007 he recorded

Pat Travers 

"Stick with what you know live in Europe"


Pat Travers

"Black Betty the anthology"


Franks bass playing can also be heard on "houses of the holy" "whole lotta love"

"Black Betty" "whole lotta Rosie" and "205 degrees" featured on various compilation cd's .

Frank has shared the stage with the likes of

The Doors

Gary Hoey

Carmine Appice

Paul Rogers

lynyrd skynyrd.


And many many more

In 2010 Frank moved back to Maine again

And started his own original band 

BADTUDE releasing there first album in 2017 titled "stubborn as hell"

With Brian lassonde

And Adam Horr

Frank "Rizzo" McDaniel

Plays Fender guitars and amps

Adam Horr


(Bass)                                                                                       Adam has been playing bass for a long time and still loving it!

Brian Lassonde


(Drums)                                                                                                      Brian Lassonde is from Rochester nh, and has been in the local music scene for over 25 years.

 He’s been in many bands over the years starting his journey to rock with his band Tracer , to a good run with the band Fancysick, and Pull.

Brian then left Pull   and helped form the The Pat Foley band  in which he played with for almost twenty years,to Broggi Field with current Badtude bassist Adam Horr.

 Brian has had the honor of sharing the stage with many national acts such as Slaughter, Trapt,Saliva,Fuel,Winger,Tantric,Rustic Overtones, and Ratt to name a few. 

        Brian’s influences range anywhere from old school Rock like  Led Zeppelin,Tesla, Skid Row, Dokken, Triumph, Ozzy as well as classic rock like doobie brothers, Greatful dead, Crosby stills and Nash,Eagles. A big influence was   the grunge era from Pearl Jam , Alice In Chains , Candle box, Soundgarden, Tool to newer music like Popevil, Three Days grace , Breaking Benjamin ,Rival Sons, etc! 

      And with a reply to a little ad from Frank McDaniel on craigslist looking to form a power trio with attitude, (believe it or not, sometimes craigslist works out haha), now plays drums in the band Badtude which is a combination of all influences old and new that Rocks faces off!Brian is definitely grateful to have the opportunity to write music with Badtude , and hopes it will continue to produce some old school Rock!

Brian plays Premier drums, Sabian and Instanbul cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and Remo drum heads.